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Kellie Moeller, CNM

Certified Alvin Midwives

CNM's strive to empower parents with knowledge, and support their right to create the birth experience which is best for them.

An Alvin, TX mother choosing a homebirth must, above all else, deeply desire to give birth at home. Even though a homebirth can save money, cost alone is not sufficient motivation. The most successful homebirthers are highly committed and trust their body's natural ability to birth. They devote time and energy to finding the right birth practitioner, doing their own research and taking care of themselves.

For some mothers, the prospect of being at home in familiar surroundings provides tremendous comfort and reassurance. Others may feel uneasy that more technical medical assistance isn't at hand. With a skilled midwife and a non-meddlesome approach, homebirth is safer.

Families that choose homebirth may be confronted by family members and friends who, conditioned by a society afraid of out-of-hospital births, challenge their decision, feeling it is both unwise and unsafe. Again, a strong inner commitment is required to stand up for the right to birth as the family chooses. Showing family members the evidence is sometimes helpful.

Kellie Moeller is a Certified Nurse-Midwife.

A Certified Nurse-Midwife is a registered nurse who is educated in the two disciplines of nursing and midwifery and has been certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM). She may work through a hospital, in a birth center or in an independent homebirth practice in collaboration with a physician. Only about 150 CNMs do homebirths, however, because they are required to have a written collaboration agreement with a physician.

What is midwifery?

Since the beginning of human history, women have helped other women in the transition to motherhood. Midwives are the primary health care providers in most countries where birth is an integral part of family life. Countries with the highest rate of midwifery care today – emphasizing competent prenatal care, education, and empowerment for the woman giving birth – also have the best outcomes for mothers and babies. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared in 1990 that birth was actually safer for mothers and babies when utilizing midwifer for pregnancy and childbirth.

Midwifery is based on a strong belief in partnership with childbearing women and respect for birth as a normal life event. Midwives strive to empower parents with knowledge and support their right to create the birth experience which is best for them.

Midwives respect intimacy, privacy, and family integrity, and draw on their own patience and understanding to provide care during pregnancy and birth.

Midwives Today

The modern midwife, Kellie Moeller CNM, is a health professional who provides holistic heath care to the childbearing woman and newborn. She respects a wide range of women's need including personal and cultural values. Focusing on the natural processes of pregnancy, labor, and birth, she combines traditional skills and modern medical techiques to safeguard normal childbirth. The midwife maintains associations with physicians and other health care providers to ensure that mother and child have the best knowledge and technology available.

Blog Posted: May 20, 2015
Posted by: Kellie Moeller, CNM
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